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 You may have guessed my name is Cassie Brace and I am a doll and sculpting artist. I am also wife to Aston and mummy to gorgeous George and mischievous Macie. In 2008 I discovered the wonderful world of reborns and shortly into my new hobby I began taking an interest in sculpting too. I have been a reborn artist since 2009 and have reborned prototypes for a number of sculpting artists over the years. In 2010 I produced 4 tutorial DVDs for reborners to use as a learning tool, with another reborning artist. Precious Little Baby Dust DVDs have been a successful learning tool and become some of the best-selling tutorial DVDs within the industry. I have since gone on to produce a tutorial DVD on my own- I Art Ultra Newborns with Cassie Brace which has also been a huge success! I love hearing the feedback from customers and how much the DVDs have helped and inspired fellow artists to excel in their art.

In 2012 I sculpted my first reborn doll kit Hattie and have since gone on to produce a number of baby doll kits, all Limited Edition and all are now Sold out. I try to bring my reborning knowledge into my sculpting and provide beautiful kits that I would love to reborn myself, to the best if my ability. There is nothing more satisfying and exciting than seeing a sweet little face emerge from a block of beige clay and my promise to myself and my customers is that I will continue to try hard, grow and listen! I love sculpting, I now live and breath sculpting babies!
My husband runs the reborn supplies store I Art Reborn,,  a reborn supplies shop which stocks our specialist reborning materials including exclusively within the UK (though he ships worldwide), Ultra Newborn Glass eyes, Slumberland Mohair, Dewy Skin Medium, Rooting Needles and Bob Ross Thinners to name just a few products.
We are very much enjoying our time working within the doll industry and I am so excited for the amazing times ahead as I will release some new stunning kits for reborners! I cannot wait to see what my customers do with them :)

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